Ebay Hi-Jinx

eBay item 2197946147 (Ends Oct-26-03 18:05:08 PST) - Neil Armstrong Autographed Picture COOL !!

Here is an interesting lot. This is an undoubtedly real Neil Armstrong Autograph. Somehow, this flew below the radar and the winner, a friend of mine, picked it up for a bargain price of $90. This item could easily get around $1,500 if it was properly promoted. My buddy was excited and posted the story of his bargain in a few public message boards. Now, the story takes a bad turn.

Shortly thereafter, the seller informed my friend that the photo was accidentally torn and no longer available. Not too likely. What really happened was that someone contacted the seller and offered him more money for the photo. Unfortunately, there is nothing that anyone can do to "prove" this and force the sale to the rightful winner.

We can learn a lesson from this story... There are a lot of underhanded sleazeballs out there, and never brag about a great bargain until it's in your hands!