Auction House Rant

Unfortunately, for some autograph auction houses, there seems to be no drive to be a hallmark of authenticity, reliability, service and ethics.

They seem to think they deserve praise and respect simply because they exist, and do us the favor of conducting an auction.

One auction house that specializes in space and aviation had mass complaints regarding a recent auction that had numerous mistakes, forgeries, Autopens and items of questionable provenance. Yet, they plod on, clumsily explaining everything away and pointing fingers at everyone but themselves.

Where is their shame? Where is there sense of wanting to be good?

This is what happens when there is institutional arrogance and no competition other than eBay. Luckily for this specific auction house, simply existing is good enough. The sycophants and fanboys will patronize them anyway, and frankly, these people will get what they deserve -- bad service and spotty material.

Until collectors demand better, what we'll get is half-ass auction houses and snake oil salesmen who enter and exit the hobby like thieves in the night.

Rant over.