CGC Bound?

Picked up a few nice books at the local comic shop. After I give 'em a thorough reading, I'm debating if I will send them to CGC.

The Bats 222 sports a classic Neal Adams cover and is very desirable in high grade. This copy has a few hairline ticks along the spine, but CGC can be very forgiving when it comes to certain books. There is a small horizontal bend above the top staple... I fear that CGC would knock it down more for the bend than the small spine stresses. My guess on this one would be CGC 9.0... but I would not be surprised to see it swing between 8.5 or 9.2.

This Captain America Annual #3 is real nice, a sure 9.2 and probably a 9.4. I just love this Kirby cover... I still have the beat-up copy I bought from the newsstand way back when.