A Signed Governor Portrait

When I started collecting political autographs, getting a signed photo from Ronald Reagan was already an impossibility. So, I had to buy one. Given the high number of forgeries and secretarials -- and the fact that most dealers can't tell the difference -- this was a daunting task.

I did the usual ebay and dealer search for months before I came up with this signed photo. If I am not mistaken, I bought this from a dealer (Adam Andruiser) in the UK. It's the classic Governor portrait with a nice long inscription. To me, the more handwriting the better! And unlike many of his governor portraits, it has not been signed by his secretary Helen VanDamme. There is a penciled date on the back of the photo of June 1972... so I presume this is when this photo was received by Ms. Hazel Hale. The signature style is consistent with that time frame.