The Comic Book Trifecta

IRON FIST #14 35 Cent Cover NM+ High Grade Sabretooth

Here's a trifecta that's sure to pay off big.

* Key issue - First appearance of Sabretooth (I don't personally get it, but I guess many others think Sabretooth is an important character)
* High Grade - I don't know if it's NM+, but given the scan, it looks pretty darn good and could be a NM+.
* 35 Cent Price Variant - The hardest to find price variants, and 35 cent variant collectors are crazy.

With over 2 days to go, this baby is at $400, and none of the big variant collectors have weighed in yet. Sniping will be brutal. This "funny book" will go for mortgage money. And I'm talking about a NYC expensive home type mortgage...