Paypal: The Scammer's Best Friend

I found this interesting missive on a sports collectibles message board. It's a story I've heard over and over again, but this poster put it very well...

In a scam earlier this year I received a handful of worthless 2003 commons instead of the 1965 Mantle PSA 8 that I paid for. The scammer used delivery confirmation, so had a tracking number. PayPal's response? They would not do a chargeback because delivery was made and it was simply a dispute over the quality of the goods. Work it out with the seller, they said. Well, the seller had skedaddled and was NARU, but PayPal still would not get involved.

So if you do file a complaint, do NOT click the button next to "Item delivered, but not as expected." That's the same as clicking "Never mind, I don't want my money back after all."