Website of Broken Dreams

I was searching for a dealer that sold pedigree books when I ran across the Long Island Comics site which contains a stash of reasonably priced golden age pedigree books. A Mile High for $60!. Circle 8s for $24!! A Bethlehem for $40!! When I lived on Long Island I had visited this shop, so I knew it was a legitimate operation.

I whipped out my credit card and dialed as fast as I could. Wow... the prospect for getting several great pedigree books for a little over $100...

Well, my dreams were quickly dashed when the owner, Frank Verzyl, told me that the site should have been taken down 2 years ago and hasn't been updated since 2000. Further, he said that he sent all the pedigree books to his brother, John "Comic Heaven" Verzyl, a few years ago. No need to look any further... they are bargains no more.