Uh, No It's Not

The more I see of CGC, the more the cracks become apparent. I just received a standard submission back (which was submitted in the beginning of August.) I am not happy.

First, the Boston Pedigree book came back without the pedigree designation on the label -- even though I submitted it with all the proper documentation. My previous submission also had a quality control problem as the microchamber paper was sticking 1/2 inch out of the bottom of the book and was sealed into the well. I had to send it back twice to get it properly fixed. Quality control is lacking.

Second, their grading is all over the map and getting less and less consistent. I don't want to sound like sour grapes, but I know grading and have seen enough slabs to know this book IS NOT a 9.0!

It's a 9.2 at least with a shot at 9.4. I've seen Bronze Age 9.4s with bent corners, small creases and other various visible defects. The only problem with Batman 222 is a very small, non-colorbreaking bend near the top staple. That's it... otherwise it's almost perfect. I am really pissed this book got a 9.0, especially when I see weak 9.4s everyday on eBay and the CGC Boards.