Enter: Steve Ditko

Make no mistake, I am a huge fan of Steve Ditko.

But not on the Hulk.

Something about Ditko's square-headed, sunken-eyed Hulk just doesn't do it for me. That said, I think Hulk 6 is a great cover with a masterful color scheme.

The Incredible Hulk 6 was purchased over 10 years ago from Richard Muchin of Tomorrow's Treasures. This book had undisclosed restoration (that I discovered years after the purchase.) For those familiar with Mr. Muchin's reputation, this should not surprise you. Had I known then what I know now, I would have never entered his booth.

Like the Hulk 3, this book had 2 or 3 razor thin bleedthroughs along the spine that were very difficult to see unless the spine was spread wide open. Worst of all, there was a glue tear seal to a small bindery chip on the top edge. Over the years, the glue started to shrivel, and the chip that it was meant to fix was turning black! Obviously, archival glue was not used.

Given that a small chip was turning black and ready to fall off like an overripe raisin -- and the book was already restored -- I sent the book to Matt Nelson to get it fixed. Matt fixed the chip and did a clean and press. The result, in my opinion, is great. Now, it's a 7.0 with super eye appeal.

I hope you enjoyed Hulk Week as much as I did. I like hearing other collectors' collecting stories, so let me know if you have a collecting blog.

Perhaps when I get that one more issue to complete my Fantastic Four run, I'll have a Fantastic Four year and a half!