Housecleaning, Part 1

Since moving to this blog for the journal portion of my online presence, I've let my original collecting site -- Zipper's Autograph Gallery -- get a bit dusty.

So, I've totally cleaned up the Links Page on my Autograph Website. Most notable is that Slanted Fedora -- a Star Trek Convention promoter -- has gone belly up. I've also added some new and better resources in the Archival Storage Supply / Display Cases section.

While most of the frequent updating will go on here in the blog portion, I will maintain Zipper's Autograph Gallery as best I can. I've toyed with the thought of shutting it down, but everytime I do, lots of people ask that I keep it going. I does get a decent amount of hits, so hopefully people still use it regularly as a resource. I have added Google ads to the site in hopes that it will help subsidize the monthly Yahoo/Geocities cost.

So do me a favor, and click a few ads, huh?