The Terror of the Toad Men!

I also bought Hulk #2 from Long Island Comics, although not at the same time as I bought #1.

I forget what condition this was sold to me as, but I don't have the sinking feeling I do when I look back at some of my old purchases, so I'll presume it was graded accurately at the time. I'd say this is a solid VG with decent eye appeal.

This book has an odd characteristic that Hulk #4 has as well (I bought them both at the same time and I suspect they came from the same original collection.) Both this book and Hulk #4 have wear on the center of the spine... the paper is rough and abraded almost like someone rubbed it along a portion of the spine with sandpaper. I suspect that these books were bundled with a string, and over time the string rubbing the books along the center of the spine caused the surface of the paper to wear away in that spot. In any case, the spine wear doesn't affect the eye appeal or soundness of the book, and I presume it's an allowable flaw in a VG book.

I love the Toad Men helmets.