FF Mission Accomplished!

Yesterday's mail brought me FF 13, which now makes my FF run complete. I have every regular issue of Fantastic Four -- Vol 1 to the present.

I've been looking for FF 13 since last summer and kept turning up snake-eyes. All I could find were very high grade copies for sick money or low grade beaters. My goal was to get a 6.0 - 7.0 book. This book was listed as a 5.0, but it has good eye appeal and was priced right, so I was willing to go a bit below my original goal of 6.0 - 7.0. Other than the edge toning and the rough top overhang, the book is very solid. (The toning looks worse on the scan than it does in hand.) This book is notorious for Marvel Chipping and having long creases, so it was nice to find a midgrade copy without those flaws.

Now I have a few annuals to pick up and my FF collection will be complete.