So Trivial

Like most folks, I've been caught up on the horrible news from the Gulf Coast. I haven't posted because a) I haven't been inspired, and b) it almost seems wrong considering the horror some of my fellow Americans are living right now.

I know life must go on, but events like this should make us all pause and reflect on what's truly important. And collecting funny books, gadgets, ink on paper and the like really seems so trivial at a time like this.

September 11, 2001 was a life changing day in my life. I know what many of these people will be going through psychologically in the days, months and years to come. Sadly, there will be many who feel that the dead were the "lucky" ones. There will be many, many suicides, drug and alcohol problems and a whole gamut of post traumatic stress issues.

While helping these people now is critical to their immediate survival, they will need our help and attention for many years to come to battle the inevitable long term issues.

Let's not forget.