The Road Back

It was one year ago today that I was down-sized from my job.

Finding a good job was much more difficult and more of a test than I anticipated. Seven months of unemployment was a real trial of will and character. (I'd like to thank Marsh & McLennan for the gray hairs that didn't seem to be there last year at this time.)

Well, that phase of my life is over now, but I did have a profound effect on the way I think about some things. A good humbling and humiliation will do that to you. I now know that every single one of us is a simple twist of fate away from traveling a rougher road in life.

I'm working now, I'm married and a kid is on the way, so life is good again.

In fact, last year I cancelled my plans for attending the National in NYC because I was laid-off 4 days before the show. Returning to the show this Friday will be a lot of fun, but it will also be a personal triumph for me.