Was eBay Hacked?

The latest email scam is a look-alike emails that invites the recipient to join the Powerseller Program. Follow the link and sign in and you will be enrolled...

I'm embarrassed to admit, this one actually got me a few weeks ago. [blush]

I consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to stuff like this, but this email took phishing to the next level.

The email passed most of the scam tests.

  • It was addressed to my eBay email address (which I only use for eBay and nowhere else. So the scammer must have the ability to get email contact info from eBay.)
  • The site it sent me to what appeared to be a secure https:// address within the eBay domain
  • And it came to me after I sold a bunch of stuff on eBay, so the timing "made sense."

Given the fact that they used my secret eBay email address and timed it after I had sold a bunch of items, actually makes me think that the scammer either hacked into eBay or obtained inside info in some other way.

After following the link and entering my data, I grew concerned, so I quickly changed my password. No harm, no foul, but frightening nonetheless.