Other Than ESPN, Topps and Barry Bonds, Does Anyone Care About Barry Bonds?

Sadly, Barry Bonds will surpass Babe Ruth's home run total any day now. Only Bonds has a personality so repulsive that it could dampen what would otherwise be a huge sports achievement.

Other than ESPN's shameless shilling, is anyone excited about Bond's passing the Babe's total?

Well, maybe Topps Cards is excited too. Another corporate shill job.

From eSCD...

As Barry Bonds closes in on Babe Ruth on the all-time home run list, Topps is offering various promotions to highlight the occasion. The company is offering a special card picturing each home run through No. 715 on its website. Each card is $4.95. New cards will appear within 24 hours of the home run and will be available until Bonds hits his next home run or a minimum of 72 hours. The cards are also being sold on Bonds’ site.

My only hope is that within 5 to 7 years, Alex Rodriguez will surpass Bond's record and the "Home Run King" title will be back in the hands of a decent guy and hopefully a New York Yankee.