PSA/DNA's own exemplars show distinct "r"
PSA/DNA was notified of this study over a week ago by several sources and has not yet responded in any way. I understand they may want to assess the matter, but wouldn't it be a wise move to at least acknowledge receiving the information and then stating they will look into it?

By the way, PSA/DNA's own exemplars show the distinct "r" formation. Don't they check their own files or did they just approve every Heston because everyone knows he signed through-the-mail?

Meanwhile, a number of good citizens have been contacting eBay sellers. Most sellers did the right thing when they read the study. There have been a number who refuse to end listings, because "PSA approved it, so it must be real."

In hindsight, weren't we all a bit naive to think Charlton Heston was signing mass amounts of photos through-the-mail on a daily basis?