Basic Screening Service: Email Opinion

Email Opinion: Likely to Pass or Not Pass Authentication

Email Opinion: Likely to Pass or Not Pass Authentication

An informal opinion via email based on a large, clear photograph. Email Opinions indicate whether the item will “likely pass” or “likely fail” my full authentication process. This may detect forgeries, Autopens, secretarials or if an item may be authentic. It may be impossible to determine through a photo if an item is a copy or a printed autograph. My opinion is offered under the presumption the item is not a copy of an authentic autograph.

Email Opinions begin at $12, and there is a discount for multiple items.

How to obtain an Email Opinion…

  • Submit payment via Paypal using the checkout below.
  • Email a link or a large clear photo of the item to
Email Opinion
  • For best results, please be sure the photo of the autograph is clear and large enough to see fine detail.

  • In most cases, I will reply within hours.

  • If I cannot offer an opinion or the auction ends before I can respond, I will refund the fee.

Premier Service: Full Letter of Authenticity (LOA)

Letter of Authenticity with tamper-EVIDENT hologram and embossed seal on Heavy archival paper.

Comprehensive Exam

For a Letter of Authenticity (LOA), you must submit the item(s) for a comprehensive in-hand review.

I will analyze the signature formation, application, ink and other factors against my database of thousands of verified authentic examples. I will examine the item under high magnification using a ProScope digital microscope when necessary.


When I determine an item is authentic, I will issue a Letter of Authenticity that features a high-resolution color photograph, a tamper evident hologram and an embossed seal.

I do not place stickers on items. Because I only issue Letters of Authenticity that feature a large, clear image of the signature, there is no need to place a sticker on an item.


Letters of Authenticity start at $20. The partial list below includes prices for items commonly submitted for review. I offer discounts for multiple items.

  • Aldrin, Buzz - $40

  • Anders, Bill - $35

  • Apollo 1 crew - $125

  • Apollo 8 crew - $85

  • Apollo 11 crew - $125

  • Apollo crew (other than 1, 8 and 11) - $60

  • Armstrong, Neil - $90

  • Cernan, Gene - $35

  • Challenger & Columbia crews - $125

  • Gagarin, Yuri - $35

  • Gemini crew - $50

  • Grissom, Gus - $40

  • Irwin, James - $30 (except white spacesuit portrait)

  • Irwin, James (white spacesuit portrait) - $80

  • Mercury 7 group - $125

  • Schmitt, Harrison - $40

  • Shepard, Alan - $30

  • White, Edward - $40

  • Young, John - $40

  • Other space & aviation - please inquire

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Please note that authenticity determinations are opinions based on many years of hobby experience and study of space and aviation autographs. Authentication involves individual judgment that is subjective and requires the exercise of professional opinion, which can change from time to time. Therefore, Zarelli Space Authentication, LLC makes no warranty or representation, does not guarantee authenticity and shall have no liability whatsoever for loss or damages allegedly sustained as a result of opinions rendered.