Steve Zarelli’s devotion to studying astronaut autographs and his willingness to share his knowledge has made him an invaluable member of the space memorabilia community. Steve’s skill and experience are highly-regarded and rightfully so.
— Robert Pearlman, editor and founder of
I am impressed with all aspects of your authentication process. Thanks for your professional approach, and your follow up regarding the safe return of the material.
— Hugh Kelly, Massachusetts
Thanks for taking care of my Glenn picture. It returned to me in undamaged condition... thank you for your quick and caring service. It’s a pleasure working with you and I’m sure we’ll have more opportunities in the future.
— Mike S., Colorado
I received my package today in perfect condition. Thanks for your excellent service!
— Alex M., Belgium
Steve Zarelli helped settle a huge issue for the U.S. Space Walk of Fame Museum!

Steve was chosen due to his long-standing reputation as an expert in the field of astronaut autographs. Steve did a thorough investigation and, not only deemed the signature to be authentic, but also provided detailed documentation to back up his findings.

Steve’s authentication settled this issue to the satisfaction of our buyer, and Steve refused payment saying he was happy to help our organization.

Steve Zarelli is a class act all the way.
— Charles Jeffrey, Collections analyst for the U.S. Space Walk Of Fame Museum and Member of the Board of Directors for the U.S. Space Walk of Fame Foundation.
RR Auction consults with autograph authenticator Steve Zarelli because he has proven time and again to be the guiding light that reveals the signature habits of America’s astronauts.

We use over thirty 3rd party experts from different collecting fields because we want an informed, unbiased opinion before we will offer anything for auction.

Steve Zarelli is one of the best authenticators in any field of collecting.
— Bobby Livingston, Vice President, RR Auction
A Steve Zarelli COA and his opinion are the gold standard of astronaut autographs.
— Burke Burnett, Hawaii
Thank you for the quick and informative reply, you are a true asset to the collecting world. I am impressed how you identified the forgery. Very skilled work you do, Steve.
— Ryan Blumenthal, New Jersey
I received my items and LOAs back today and everything is perfect! I will be in touch with other pieces soon. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I could not be happier.
— Taylor Vans, Washington
I have known Steve Zarelli for a number of years and have complete and total confidence in his ability to properly authenticate space autographs. He is well versed in the autographs of all the astronauts and is extremely conscientious when he examines an autograph. They don’t come any better than Steve Zarelli.
— Richard Simon, Richard Simon Sports
Thanks for the great work as always. It’s not just your experienced, expert eye that makes me and others want you to review our astronaut-signed items, it is also the attention to detail and consideration you consistently demonstrate.
— Steve Smith, Virginia
Steve Zarelli has been a trusted space authenticator for me — as well as many others — for over a decade. He has a long history of having a keen eye and rooting out fakes. Steve’s insight and articles have been an asset to the collecting community, and he was instrumental in uncovering a large Neil Armstrong forgery ring.

I can without hesitation endorse Mr. Zarelli as an authenticator for all of the above reasons, and can speak of his integrity that is of the highest calibre.
— Al Hallonquist, UACC Director, Aerospace Historian and Author, former agent to several astronauts
Mr. Zarelli is certainly the finest authenticator in space autographs. He uses an amazing amount of personal experience and references to ensure he gets it right every single time. Steve Zarelli is also one of the nicest people on the planet and is the gold standard of authentic space autographs.
— Sean Monaghan, Pennsylvania
Steve Zarelli has proven to me many times over that his business ethics are pristine. I choose to exclusively do business with those that provide exactly what is advertised… and Steve is at the top of my list for that very reason. Steve Zarelli’s authentication skills seem unmatched in the industry, his prices are fair and he returns my items on time, every time.
— Jason Rubin, New Jersey
Steve’s expertise has saved me from making bad purchases on several occasions. He provides fast and friendly service and is always willing to answer questions. I trust Steve Zarelli’s opinion over any other authenticator presently in service. Period.
— Marty Peters, Wisconsin
I had a recent dealing with Steve Zarelli and found him to be an absolute pleasure. Thank you, Steve. A real and true credit to space collectors the world over.
— Ben Fairfax, Australia
Steve Zarelli is a true gentleman and very knowledgeable about all things space - especially autographs!
— Randy L. Kaplan, New York
Steve Zarelli is the only person I trust to give me an honest, informed and reliable opinion on astronaut autographs. I’ve tried them all and he’s the best by a wide margin.
— Jason Brennan, Indiana
Steve Zarelli was very helpful and worked tirelessly to help my obtain a refund. He sent me an authentication report that included why he thought it was a fake. I sent this report to the auction house and on Steve’s findings they issued me a full refund (12 months later).

Since then Steve has authenticated a couple more autographs and issued me with a couple certificates of authenticity.

I would like to recommend Steve Zarelli to anybody out there that needs an authentication service or just needs some friendly advice.
— James McLoughlin, Ireland has been working with Steve Zarelli since 2011 mainly in the authentication of Neil Armstrong and other high end space autographs. Steve not only certifies the autographs we sell, but also gives us guidance on the autographs we buy, thus ensuring that the best way to sell authentic autographs is to only buy authentic autographs in the first place. Working with Steve therefore gives both myself and my customers great piece of mind when dealing with high end signed items in particular with the minefield that is associated with Neil Armstrong autographs.
— Mike Constantine, Director
With the number of astronaut autograph forgeries these days, you really need an expert to help keep you out of trouble. The worst thing in the world is to add a autograph to your collection only to question its authenticity.

To avoid that disappointment, not to mention the financial loss, I HIGHLY recommend Steve Zarelli. His years of experience and autograph knowledge helped me. I call Steve Zarelli Space Authentication before I even think about buying.
— Andy McCulley, Pennslyvania