The Beginning

To add a more personal element to my page, I've decided to start this journal. Admittedly, the idea is not entirely original. Stephen Beck has an Autograph Notebook on his page, and I've always found it to be interesting, and a good reason to return to his site. I'd like to publicly thank Stephen for all his help over the past year. I've collected autographs for some time, but Stephen was very helpful in getting me going on "through-the-mail" collecting. He is a class act and his input is sincerely appreciated.

That said, I think there is more than enough room for several ongoing Collector's Journals. I plan to fill the Journal with insights and information that may not be categorized neatly in any other section of this site. I hope you enjoy reading the journal, profit from the information and make this site a regular stop in your web surfing. As always, your comments are welcome.