Ebay Seller Warning: thesaint000

About 6 months ago, an eBay seller known as the Negative Zone (aka The Watcher000) imploded leaving many buyers without their items and incurred a mess of bad feedback, myself included. At the time of the implosion, they sent an email begging for patience citing all sorts of mysterious stress related problems with the owner.

Now, I've noted a seller, thesaint00, that bears a striking resemblance to my old friend The Negative Zone (thewatcher000). Through eBay, I confirmed thesaint00's contact information and the seller is from Seattle. The Negative Zone was from Seattle.

Compare auction listings:

Negative Zone auction for which I paid and never received book

Current thesaint00 auction for same item I never received

Interesting how they can currently offer the same items they can't seem to send to their old customers. Clearly, they feel no obligation to send items from the old seller account. Their attitude is obviously, "Why bother to send items that people paid for once the seller account is trashed anyway?"

If this is the same seller -- and I'm 99% sure it is -- I can't believe eBay can let a seller blatantly rip people off then just set up shop under another (thinly veiled) name.