Another eBayer Who Sucks: Pluckybuyer

Pluckybuyer won a book from me and then proceeded to ignore my emails for a few days... shortly thereafter, the emails started bouncing back. Pluckybuyer was listed from Canada with the email address of

I reported him to eBay for the nonworking email, so eBay suspended his membership (NARU) and issued me a credit for the auction.

Unfortunately, I cannot leave a negative for this bum now because eBay will not allow you to leave a feedback for a NARU'ed user. Very frustrating.

You can bet I will be monitoring suckybuyer, and he becomes active again, he will get a fat, juicy negative from me.

Interestingly, I had a major dust-up with a CGC Board member -- who happens to be from Canada -- days before this bum bid on my auction. Coincidence? Probably, but you never know...