Do I Have To Be An Engineer?!?

I figured I'd try the Google AdSense program on this site. You never know... I could make an extra 13 cents a year... (Well, really 9 cents after taxes.)

So I go through the process and I get the code to paste into my blog template... and that's when the fun starts.

What the heck is it with these blog templates? Why aren't they regular html? I figured out how to do my website myself, why does the blog look like a foreign language to me?

Obviously, the blog template is different than setting up a page in html. I tinkered for a while and finally got the google ads to appear on the right. Not exactly great placement, but that's the only place I could get them to work without screwing up everything.

As for the Google searchbar -- forget it!

Now, in about 87 years I should make enough from the ads to pay for the hour I just wasted trying to set it up! ;-)