AS IS Makes Me Nervous

As Fantastic Four 13 is the only remaining FF I need to complete the run, I was thinking of dropping a bid on this copy. It's listed as a VG+, but it has really nice eye appeal and may actually grade slightly higher than advertised based on what I see in the scan.

So, as is my practice, I asked the seller if the book was restored, and if so, what it the return policy. Here is his response:

I have not detected any restoration on this comic but even though I consider myself a excellent grader, I may not catch some forms of restoration. This came from a collection that hasn't been removed from its storage box since the early 1970's and this gentleman did use touch up on some of his books but it has been evident when applied. So I don't believe this has any restoration. I'm selling the FF 13 with a starting bid of $9.95 and willing to accept the final price whether it the current $36 or $500 so I do not wish to be bothered later if minute restoration is detected. I'm willing to answer any questions to the best of my knowledge and even send further scans but these comics are being sold AS IS.

Unfortunately that answer doesn't cut it. Obviously this seller doesn't understand that even "minute" restoration makes for a tremendous price difference in today's market. Given that he admits that others books from this collection were touched up, I'm not willing to roll the dice with this book.

My quest for FF 13 continues...


Mind boggling.

This comic book closed at $158. A princely sum for a book that a) the seller offers no guarantee against restoration and is sold "as is", b) the seller admits came from a collection that had other restored books, and c) can be had in higher grade for less from reputable dealer websites (that is, dealers who will accept returns if you are not happy with the book.)

eBay is the land of uneducated buyers and sellers who are more than happy to serve them.