Priceless Gold

Recently, a previously unknown collector came out on the CGC Message Boards and started displaying comics from his utterly mind-boggling, high-grade Golden Age collection.

Several noted Golden Age experts commented that this collection features some of the best examples of certain books that they'd ever seen.

The still anonymous collector stated that, in 1971, he purchased an original owner collection of 1,000 high grade Golden Age comics for $7,500... or $7.50 a book for some of the finest examples in existence. Interestingly, the person this collector purchased the books from had found them bundled on the curb waiting to be taken with the garbage!

The fact that a collection like this has survived unknown to the community at large makes one wonder how many other outstanding personal collections may be squirreled away, still waiting to make a public debut.

By the way, the owner of this collection has no interest in selling at this time.