A rich man's hobby?

Of course I was thrilled to see a rightful order restored and the Yankees atop the baseball world once again.

After the series I took some time to go through my collection and take a bit of an inventory... it's been a while since I went through my Yankee autographs, and quite frankly, in some cases couldn't remember who I had and who I didn't.

I'm sure glad that I obtained many of my autographs nearly a decade ago... when you could actually get a current player's autograph for less than $50. I recall going to autograph shows back in the 90s with a few hundred dollars and getting a dozen or more autographs from name brand players.

Today, $200 might get you a Nick Swisher (inscription extra, of course.) Jeter is well over $500 in Steiner private signings. (Thanks for being so fan friendly, Jete!)

Would it really kill today's players to "sacrifice" and charge "only" $50 or $100 a signature so fans other than C-level corporate executives could afford them?