Robert Blake meltdown at autograph show

Sounds like Hell Town, the Sequel...


An Open Letter To Fans and Attendees

The management of The Hollywood Show wants to take this moment to stop the speculation and rumors, and set the record straight regarding actor Robert Blake's "appearance" at our show.

Against our better advice to him, Mr. Blake asked for and received a private room at the show. He then complained that his line wasn't long enough after only having been there 45 minutes. We offered to move him back to the main room. He not only refused, he bodily threatened both owners of the show. He then left the show.

With no advance calls or word, he showed up the second day after disappointing hundreds of fans who flew in from all over the world the day before. He asked to come in and sign for free, which incredibly we agreed to, despite the pandemonium it created and upset among his celebrity peers in the room. But then before sitting down, he changed his mind - again - and left. He returned to the parking lot where he began to sign for free out of a car while telling ugly lies about the show owners. He was asked then again to come inside to stop having the security breach of people standing in the celebrity entrance and signing in the street. H e came in and immediately stood on a chair and began to lie again and say he was thrown out the day before. The hotel security and Sheriff's department then escorted him off the hotel site.

We regret that Mr. Blake's personal demons caused him to so disrespect his fans and repeatedly break his agreement with The Hollywood Show (none of which were financial in nature), and hope he finds the peace we all deserve.


The Hollywood Show