Landau and Savedoff: Selling stolen documents?


Barry H. Landau, 63, a well-known collector of presidential memorabilia, and Jason James Savedoff, 24 were charged with stealing historic documents from museums.

A National Archives official called the scope of the case "truly breathtaking." The indictment charges that the two men pilfered and sold copies of speeches from a former president and took a land grant signed by Abraham Lincoln along with a letter to John Paul Jones.

For more details, read the article in the Baltimore Sun.

Were you offered or did you buy from these men?
The FBI is seeking information regarding Barry H. Landau and Jason James Savedoff, both residents of New York City. The FBI believes that Mr. Landau and Mr. Savedoff may have contacted dealers and collectors offering items for sale. If Mr. Landau or Mr. Savedoff have contacted you in reference to the sale of a historical document, please contact FBI Baltimore at 1-410-265-8080.