Kudos to collectSPACE

CollectSPACE has a cool new insignia.


From collectSPACE:

Like the mission patches worn by astronauts, cosmonauts and other space explorers, the official collectSPACE logo represents our "mission" to document space history and follow the exchange of the information and artifacts that have come as humankind has pushed further out into the solar system.
The iconic silhouettes of the Apollo spacecraft and space shuttle orbiter symbolize the history of spaceflight, as well as the history of collectSPACE: this website first debuted on the anniversary of the first moon landing and emerged as a leading news source during the latter missions of the space shuttle program.
The orbital trajectories represent the progression of history as well as the interactions between collectSPACE's world-wide readership, as they have traded their knowledge and memorabilia from the missions they have followed, helped make possible or, as in some cases, have even flown.
The distant spacecraft stands for the future of spaceflight, and the on-going discoveries made while researching the history of space exploration.
The insignia was designed by space artist Dave Ginsberg, with input from the collectSPACE community.