Astronaut signed index cards are on the rise

With the steady rise of autograph prices for signed photos of many astronauts, some collectors are turning to less costly options such as signed cuts and index cards. When done right, cuts and cards assembled in a matted display can make for an impressive presentation.

Apollo 11 signature display

Apollo 11 signature display

I frequently get requests for authentication of cards and cuts, and often the client will also ask, “what’s a fair price?”

I am not a dealer, but I follow the market pretty closely, so I think I can provide an educated ballpark estimate. Based on my observations, here are some estimated fair market values for astronaut signed index cards. Obviously, price may vary widely based upon condition, selling venue, signature quality, etc. I believe cuts from books and other sources will generally sell for less than signed index cards.


  • Neil Armstrong - $1,000 - $1,400

  • John Young - $300

  • Buzz Aldrin / Harrison Schmitt - $250

  • Charles Conrad / Jim Irwin / Dave Scott / Alan Shepard (neat full name) - $150

  • Bean / Shepard (sloppy shortened signature) / Mitchell / Duke / Cernan - $100

Other select astronauts

  • Gus Grissom / Ed White - $400

  • Mercury 7 (other than Grissom and Shepard) - $75

  • Roger Chaffee - $600+

  • Mike Collins - $200

  • Bill Anders - $350

  • Christa McAuliffe - $400