Neil Armstrong signed photo sells for $38,467 at RR Auction

In the Spring 2016 RR Auction Space Auction this Neil Armstrong signed photo sold for $38,467 with buyer's premium. This is an amazing result... and to my knowledge is, by far, the most ever paid for a single signed astronaut photograph. 

Neil Armstrong signed photo that sold for over $38,000

Neil Armstrong signed photo that sold for over $38,000

So, why so much?

In my opinion, this is the quintessential image of the space program... the moment Armstrong stepped off the ladder onto the moon's surface. And, it is signed perfectly with an Apollo 11 inscription.

There are only a few images of Neil Armstrong on the moon, and most were not readily available when he was freely signing autographs. Any lunar surface photo of Armstrong is uncommon.

Lastly, this photo came directly from the family of the former head of NASA's photo division, so it has strong provenance. In fact, an original of this photo would likely have only been available to someone inside NASA in the late 60s and early 70s.

Apollo 15 Dave Scott moon worn watch to hit auction block

The only privately owned watch that was worn on the moon will be going to live auction at RR Auction on Thursday October 22, 2015. As of writing this entry, the watch is at almost $130,000 in online pre-bidding. 

Some flown item experts are predicting it may hit $1 million due to the crossover appeal between space collectors and watch collectors.

Live auction on Thursday October 22nd at 7:00 pm ET, at RR Auction's Boston Gallery. More details can be found at

RR Auction Spring 2015 Space Auction Ends Thursday April 23

Signed Apollo 1 crew lithograph from RR Auction Spring 2015 Space Auction

Another strong offering from RR Auction on what has become the premier space memorabilia auction. Well over 300 lots of top notch flown items, memorabilia and autographed material. As the space autograph authenticator for RR, it is a pleasure to get to review the goodies!

I was interested in adding one item in particular to my collection… regrettably, I was bumped out of the running early!


RR Auction Fall 2014 Space & Aviation Auction

Rare Apollo 1 Crew Signed Photo

RR Auction's Fall 2014 Space & Aviation Auction has begun and runs through Thursday November 20. Check it out for 599 lots of signed space and aviation items, flown artifacts and other cool relics of the space race!

As the space authenticator for RR Auction, I review all autographed items for their bi-annual Space & Aviation Auctions as well as all the space material for their monthly auctions.

X-15 photo signed by 11 pilots

X-15 photo signed by eleven of the X-15 twelve pilots. Offered by RR Auction from the Robert Shaw collection.

X-15 photo signed by eleven of the X-15 twelve pilots. Offered by RR Auction from the Robert Shaw collection.

Even though I review hundreds of space and aviation autographs every month, I always enjoy looking at cool items. Every once-in-a-while something comes along that really knocks me out of my chair... and this X-15 multi-signed photo is one of them.

RR Auction is offering this X-15 photo signed by eleven of the twelve X-15 pilots from the Robert Shaw collection. Robert was a well-known and regarded collector who passed away in 1994. 

To my knowledge, no single item exists that was signed by all twelve X-15 pilots due to the untimely death of Mike Adams. So, eleven of the twelve is probably the best you will ever do. In speaking with other seasoned collectors, I am aware of only one other item signed by eleven.

As of this writing, the photo is at $1,612 with over two weeks until it closes. Where it ends will be anyone's guess, but I suspect some deep-pocketed collectors will be battling it out.


RR Spring 2014 Space Auction

RR Auction's Spring 2014 Space Auction begins Thursday May 15 and runs through May 22. The auction can currently be viewed in preview.

It was a pleasure reviewing all the amazing autographed items. 

One of the highlights is lot #285, a small copy of the Declaration of Independence that was flown to the moon on Apollo 11. It includes a handwritten letter of provenance from Michael Collins that reads, “This small copy of the Declaration of Independence was carried to the moon aboard Apollo XI.”

Flown to the moon on Apollo 11

Flown to the moon on Apollo 11

Neil Armstrong signed photo "authenticated" by NASA.

Another great item is lot #302, an 10 x 8 photo of Buzz Aldrin standing on the lunar surface, taken by Neil Armstrong, and signed by Armstrong. Reverse of photo bears a National Archives credit stamp along the bottom, an affixed caption, and another stamp that reads, “NASA photo taken and authenticated by,” and signed underneath in black felt tip by Neil Armstrong.