Stuart Roosa - An uncommon astronaut autograph

Stuart Roosa, Apollo 14 Command Module Pilot, was one of 24 men to travel to the moon. He was a sporadic signer and passed away in 1994, before the period when commercial signing became more commonplace. To my knowledge, he commercially signed Sieger Stamp blocks in the early 70s, a few art prints, and 8x10 photos for one of the first companies that specialized in astronaut signed photos, The SpaceSource of Glen Dale, Maryland. Other than that he did no commercial signings or memorabilia shows.

For this reason, Stuart Roosa is a relatively uncommon signature among the Apollo astronauts and can command top dollar. Expect to pay several hundred dollars for a personalized photo and perhaps $1,000+ for an un-personalized White Space Suit Portrait. The Sieger stamp blocks are small and the signatures typically have poor contrast over a busy background, so they are an economical way to get a Roosa signature at typically under $50. 

Regrettably, Roosa is the target of forgers... some of them skilled and fairly deceptive.

Interestingly, Stuart Roosa's image and family was featured in an USAA insurance television ad in 2013.

Stuart Roosa signed Apollo 14 Crew Portrait

Stuart Roosa signed Apollo 14 Crew Portrait