John Dehner

John Dehner is one of those actors that you've seen a million times, but you never know his name. Dehner was a supporting character in hundreds of tv shows from the 50s through the 80s. He got his start in show business as an uncredited extra in many movies in the 40s, but finally made a name for himself in radio. John Dehner had an unmistakable deep, gravelly voice that meant more often than not, he was cast as a vicious killer or prairie trash in Gunsmoke. Dehner got his own radio series, Have Gun, Will Travel, and starred as Paladin for several years. In addition, he appeared on countless other radio shows of the era.

Dehner made the transition to tv smoothly, and appeared many times on the tv show Gunsmoke, often playing the same type of remorseless killers he portrayed on the radio. He had a long career in tv and passed away in 1992.

It took a while, but I was able to find this signed photo of John Dehner to add to my Gunsmoke collection. I'd love to find a pose of him taken from Gunsmoke or some other western, but signed photos are so few and far between, I'll take this one until a better pose comes along.